OK, so you want $$$ for my site, how do I pay?

Once you select a package, we'll have you sign (digitally) a written agreement, detailing the services you will be provided with. Once signed, we'll require a deposit equal to 1/3 of the package price. For example, the $300 package will require a deposit of $100.


I don't need a site built but would like to purchase a domain name. How do I do that?

If you head over to our online store, located within our home page and select your desired domain name, you'll be taken to a secure payment portal.

I need help installing my products on my cell phone, tablet or desktop. Can you do that?

We sure can, once you purchase your product, send us an email or give us a call! We'll remotely access your device and install your products for a flat fee of $35.


You've built my website, do I own it now?

Once I build your site, it is yours to keep. I will turn over the "keys" once the final page has been built, tested and payment has been received. I also offer a support package, that will provide you with updates and even content creation, if you would like. Give us a call for more details.


Can you update my website on a regular basis?

We offer a wide range of maintenance packages, we can even create blog posts and content for certain industries. As individual needs vary, we don't have a set pricing for updates. Give us a call or shoot us an email with the specifics of what you are asking for and we'll give you a fair price.

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